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Expert advice for the growth, protection and transfer of wealth.


About us

Legal minds, business instincts. This is who we are.

A dedicated partner.


Throughout Asia’s incredible growth period of the past 25 years, the financial winners have been those empowered with the knowledge and expertise to make clear-headed decisions.

Pathways combines the keen insights, fiscal acumen and multicultural sensitivity it takes to help clients grow, protect and transfer wealth in Asia and beyond. As expert advisors, we listen and ask the right questions, leaving nothing to chance in creating legally sound, goals-based solutions that are in keeping with your defined values and objectives.

You earned your wealth the hard way. Give it the management it deserves. As your dedicated, trustworthy partner, Pathways will help you enhance and safeguard your financial life.

More than just providing highly-tailored, expert legal and financial advice, we work closely with each client to assist in navigating the cross-cultural nuances that have become an essential part of both regional and international business.

Pier Domenico PeironePathways General Manager


Our values

At Pathways, our promise is to serve you with a collaborative approach to wealth management that includes transparency, accountability and, most importantly, trust.

When you partner with Pathways, you are guaranteed…


A trustworthy relationship

You are not just a client at Pathways, we are dedicated partners with a common goal, working on your terms to enhance your financial situation.

Expert advice

We provide expert advice that is understandable, relevant and actionable, drawing on the most up-to-date insights and tools for wealth management.

Multiple options

We offer a broad range of investment options from globally-minded asset managers who are uniquely knowledgeable about the fast-moving Asia Pacific Region.

Total transparency

We will be open and honest in all aspects of our relationship, including what you pay for our services and the ‘thinking’ behind our advice.

Maximum value

We design our products and services with a goal of driving down costs, so investors have more money to invest on your behalf.


Wealth Management


We take a modern approach to wealth management that integrates innovative wealth planning with smart investment strategy.

Wealth management

Investment profile and asset allocation
Discretionary management and investment advice
Consolidated reporting and analysis
Bank account opening
Private equity

Wealth planning

Trusts and foundations
Prenuptial agreements
Family governance
Tax and relocation advice
Wills and gifts
Life insurance
Charity and philanthropy

Business development

Initial Public Offerings
Real estate projects
Business transfer
Company registration
Support with raising equity finance

Personal assistance

Secretary and concierge services
Employee management
Legal services
Invoice payment
Yacht and aircraft management
Tax advice and preparation
Bookkeeping and document filing
Cash-flow management


Family Office


The valuable solution for high net worth families seeking expert management and bespoke private services.

Securing wealth for years to come.


Pathways has an intimate understanding of the needs of its Asia- based clients, including High Net Worth Families (HNWFs) requiring specialised handling.

A ‘Family Office’ is a private wealth management advisory firm designed to serve HNWFs. Different from traditional wealth management firms, the family office platform provides you a comprehensive outsourced solution for managing finances and investments, including budgeting, insurance, charitable giving, family- owned business and wealth transfer and tax services.

A complete, well-developed alternative investment strategy run from a family office enjoys competitive advantage and more control over investments. This includes the ability to conduct due diligence on money managers or optimize a portfolio of investments for tax purposes.

Pathways assists HNWIs and HNWFs in forming a family office with a customised structure to protect their legacy and secure family wealth long into the future.


  Advantages of the Family Office

Ease of operation

British Virgin Island Business Companies have always been popular in Asia. The family office utilises their framework and shares key features of BVI companies in providing familiarity to individuals and families, making the family office easy to operate.
Control and minimising risk

By sitting on the board of directors of the family office, the individual or family can make decisions quickly without having to wait on an independent trustee. In fact, the family office can carry out the trustee function, taking on any risk linked to assets and managing operations of the business.

HNWFs can create bespoke structures to manage their wealth using family offices. For example, a family office can set up multiple trusts to keep certain assets separate from one another, holding different assets for different beneficiaries.


Mergers and Acquisitions

We offer flexible schemes that reap substantial rewards for your company.

Facing M&A head-on to get the deal done.


The reality of mergers and acquisitions (M&As) transactions in today’s global business environment is that they are always complex, particularly in the instance of cross-border deals.

The overarching challenge of M&A lies in accounting for each party’s organisational and sociocultural functioning, and ensuring that synergies are aggressively pursued from Day 1. Pathways uses an integrated, level-headed approach to M&A that links acquisition strategy, due diligence and merger integration. Whether the objective is growth, joint ventures and alliances or divestitures, our expert advisors make a careful evaluation to identify all critical factors that serve to attain the deal.

By facing the complexities of M&A head-on — clarifying the context of the deal and positioning you to achieve its desired outcome — Pathways helps you successfully meet the needs of all your stakeholder groups.



We aim to keep fees low so you have more money to invest.

Trust and transparency.


Understanding how wealth management advisors are paid is critical when engaging a management firm.

Normally we charge clients on an hourly rate basis. Our hourly rate varies according the seniority and experience of advisors assigned to a specific task and the nature of the services and complexity of your specific circumstances.

All client matters are appropriately assigned to fee earners with the requisite experience and qualified expertise.

Depending on the nature of your matter, we may consider charging a lump sum fee.

We also offer a legal retainer system, as an alternative, which involves the payment of fixed sum or a fixed annual fee to cover a specified rate of services.

We offer clients fair and transparent fee structures.


For more detailed information about fees, please email us at




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